Adolescent boxing during fitness class

Jensen C., CYT

Yoga Therapist

Jensen is a Petaluma native and seventh-generation Californian who teaches Yoga & Meditation to at-risk youth in addiction recovery settings. His deepest passion is helping transform the quality of people’s lives through delivering the practices of Yoga & Meditation to improve their overall wellbeing and mental health.

Becoming a Certified Personal Trainer in 2006, and certifying as a registered yoga teacher in 2008, Jensen holds over 25,000+ service hours and over 1000 client placements in his career here in Sonoma County and beyond. He has also traveled internationally to study Yoga & Meditation in India, Peru, Japan, and Europe in the early 2000s. Since then Jensen has held countless public classes and workshops, held and participated in wilderness retreats, vision quests, assisted in Yoga Teacher Trainings, and has reached the masses with a simple philosophy of ‘Create Positivity’, teaching others how to manifest their realities. 

Above all, Jensen has the tact and depth required to reach troubled teens and individuals in a meaningful and profound way that leaves an impact. Helping them to see the walls inside their own minds as doorways for growth and inner transformation. Jensen is not only highly trained and experienced in his craft, he actively lives the practices as a lifelong student of Yoga & Meditation and strives to serve humanity’s future generations.

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