Adolescent boxing during fitness class

Brad Waldo

Director of Client Services

Brad has worked with teens struggling with substance abuse and mental health disorders since 2012. After graduating Summa Cum Laude, from University of California, Berkeley and founding a non-profit organization that brings recovery support services to attendees and staff at the largest music festivals in the United States, Brad began working with Muir Wood Adolescent and Family Services in 2015. Within the adolescent behavioral health industry, Brad has worked in direct care, alumni services, admissions, national outreach, concierge case-management, and recovery coaching.

Brad’s experience in these various areas inform the “Client Services” department at Muir Wood Adolescent and Family Services – aiming to create enthusiasm and enjoyment for young people recovering from substance abuse disorder, while providing families with clear guidance around the best services available before, during, and after treatment. Brad is a tireless advocate for families and their children, and aims to connect them to the best treatment available for their specific needs.

Brad has been in recovery since he was 17 and his passion for adolescent treatment comes from the experience he and his family had now over ten years ago. Brad said, “without the guidance of Scott Sowle, and his staff, and for people showing me that being in recovery was more expansive than limiting, my family and I do not know where we’d be today.” In his spare time, Brad enjoys snowboarding, cycling, reading, and being an uncle.

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