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Mental Health Treatment & Rehab Near Franklin High School

Franklin High School is located south of Sacramento in a smaller town called Elk Grove. Students at Elk Grove are taught by a diverse and exceptional group of teachers. With programs for ESL students and STEAM programs, they ensure that each student can reach their goals and pursue subjects that they are interested in.

How Does High School Affect Mental Health?

High school can lead to many mental health challenges in students. Coping with the daily pressures of meeting classroom expectations, trying to fit in with peers, and familial pressures can lead to students who need teen depression treatment, anxiety help, and even drug and alcohol abuse. Many young people don’t have the emotional maturity to handle the pressures of high school without additional help.

Causes of High School Depression

Depression is linked to genetic and environmental factors. Some people are more prone to depression because of their genetics, but the environment they are in is what triggers it. For high schoolers, depression is often caused by being bullied or not living up to the expectations of teachers, counselors, parents, and other adults. Depression can be exacerbated by social media use and even alcohol and drug abuse at Franklin High School and in other areas.

What Causes Anxiety for Franklin High School Students?

Everyone will experience some level of anxiety in their lives. The problem comes when that anxiety keeps you from functioning normally. Anxiety in Franklin High School students is birthed out of fear. Students are afraid to disappoint parents if they aren’t doing well in their classes, they are afraid of not fitting in, they may even be afraid to come to school because of bullying, and over time, this fear leads to anxiety.

Helping Franklin High School Students With Anxiety

There is mental health treatment near Franklin High School that can help students with anxiety. These counselors and mental health facilities are designed to help teens with a variety of mental health challenges overcome them.

Why Mental Health Needs to be a Priority for Students at Franklin High School

Unresolved and undiagnosed mental health struggles can lead to alcohol abuse among Franklin High School students. This is one of the many reasons why mental health needs to be a priority.

How Far Is Muir Wood From Franklin High School

For rehab near Franklin High School, Muir Wood has inpatient treatment facilities located 1.5-2 hours away in nearby Sonoma.  

What Kind of Insurance Does Muir Wood Take?

If you have Anthem, Aetna, Kaiser Permanente, or Cigna, you will qualify for in-network pricing at Muir Wood. Other insurance companies may offer out-of-network options. You can find out by completing an insurance verification form on the website.

What Can Parents of Franklin High School Students Expect at Muir Wood?

Parents can expect the highest quality treatment for substance use, mental health conditions, and more at Muir Wood. Since the staff works regularly with teens with every kind of need, they help parents through the scary process of getting their teens evaluated and treated.

When teens are overwhelmed, feeling depressed, anxious, or struggling with substance use, it’s important to seek outside help. At Muir Wood, we can help teens overcome addiction, learn healthy coping skills, and get the mental health help they need. Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive services near Franklin High School. 

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