Muir Wood COVID-19 Management Guidelines

Muir Wood Adolescent & Family Services (‘Muir Wood’), has taken unprecedented steps in the admissions process and daily program functions in response to COVID-19. We believe this is one of most comprehensive approaches to infection prevention and control in our field, and our hope is that other programs will follow our lead in implementing these guidelines. We began these epidemiological and infection prevention policies beginning in late February 2020, long before aggressive COVID-19 response was commonplace. These guidelines were drafted after consulting with our Medical Quality Assurance Committee (MQAC) which is comprised our physicians, nurses, and allied health professionals. Our MQAC is chaired by David Smith, MD, FASAM, who is a past Medical Director for the State of California, past president of ASAM, and a physician and adjunct faculty at UCSF who considered a leader in the treatment of infectious disease.

Muir Wood’s COVID-19 clinical and medical management guidelines include the following –

  1. All admissions that have not sheltered in place for at least seven days prior to their admission date, will be admitted to Muir Wood’s Haverfield Lane campus for seven days before joining their peers at our main campus, Skillman Lane. Patients at our Haverfield Lane campus will be monitored daily by our physicians and nursing department for symptoms of COVID-19. Additionally, patients at the Haverfield Lane campus will receive clinical programming similar to patients at the Skillman Lane campus, however programming may be facilitated through telehealth and Zoom, including online schooling.

  2. Our admissions team is screening all potential admissions for COVID-19 with comprehensive questionnaires that addresses symptomatology. These completed questionnaires have to be approved by medical and clinical prior to every admission.

  3. No admission will be scheduled unless nursing is available and on campus to provide a comprehensive nursing assessment and documentation.

  4. All new patients will be met off-campus at our nearby Muir Wood Family Learning Center in Petaluma where they can be separated from their parents or outsiders (no one from the public is allowed on our campus without approval), and where we can gather their clothes, place new admits in Muir Wood supplied clothing, have them wash their hands, orient to our hygiene protocols, and receive a nursing assessment. 

  5. Our overnight staff launders all new residents clothing the day of admission in hot water and the washer is sanitized with Clorox-based solution or bleach.

  6. Our internal medicine physician, Karrin Genovese, MD, facilitates a weekly, evening HIPAA compliant Zoom webinar for our resident’s parents to discuss COVID-19 concerns and other internal medicine current issues.

  7. Our full-time nursing staff has been tasked to record and monitor / log each staff members temperature on campus and will do the same for each resident during swing shift and before bed. Anyone with a temperature of >100 degrees will be addressed. Muir Wood staff is also be asked to complete a very short questionnaire (e.g. presenting symptoms, any outlier events that took place prior to their last shift, etc.). This record is reviewed by our medical team and kept on file in the nursing office.

  8. Our licensed therapist is facilitating two curriculum-based, online family sessions each week. Tuesdays from 6pm to 7:15pm and Saturday mornings from 9:30am to 11am. This therapist will work closely with our clinical team to insure curriculum is aligned with the goals and objectives defined in the patients’ treatment plan. This helps keep our parents contained, without on campus exposure. 

  9. Muir Wood has retained an outside linen service to launder all of the three campuses including bedding, towels, blankets, and other linens.

  10. Muir Wood is monitoring the availability of COVID-19 test kits. When available we may also make it a requirement of a negative test prior to admission. 

  11. Muir Wood has temporarily suspended on-campus family program and on-campus individual family therapy. All family program and individual family therapy is facilitated online with HIPAA compliant web-based technology.

  12. Muir Wood has suspended any outside consultants (experiential therapies, fitness training, guided meditation, equine-assisted psychotherapy, etc.), instead utilizing our full-time staff for many of these services. With the aim at obviously at mitigating any exposure and direct contact with the public that may be infected.

  13. Muir Wood has designated one of their campuses (Haverfield Lane) as a ‘safe space’ in the event any resident develops any symptoms consistent with the flu, common cold, coronavirus, etc. This allows us to easily quarantine any of our residents, while immediately addressing these concerns with our medical quality assurance committee (MQAC).
  14. Our full-time housekeeping staff, facilities management staff, and line staff are vigilant with wiping common surfaces with disinfectant and sanitizing our campuses.

  15. Muir Wood has suspended all professional visits to its’ campuses, referents, families, or anyone who is not a Muir Wood employee.

  16. In an effort to address the fluidity of this virus, Muir Wood has instituted weekly MQAC meetings. In the past, these have been held quarterly.

Our team has taken these unprecedented steps in an effort to isolate our staff and clients in hopes that our campus be a safe space in a time when this is most warranted.